About Us

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About Us

If this was my first visit to one of those “Anonymous” meetings I would lift my head proudly and say “My name is Ken and I'm a teaholic!”

I have a passion for tea but I didn't realise how much of a passion until I moved to France. When I arrived here, I couldn't find a tea good enough to satisfy my personal taste, not without taking out a mortgage to pay for it.

The problem is that tea in France is seen as a speciality, whereas in the UK, where around 165 million cups of tea are consumed each day, it is much more of a commodity.

“Something must be done, dear!” said I, in a very British tone to the lady in my life, Sophie.

And so...


About Our Company

From a passion to a business, Pure Tea was born in 2011.

Buying very high quality teas from the UK, we started selling them in France at very reasonable prices, both at special events and online through this website. After only a very short time, Pure Tea now sells tea to many international customers and is also becoming globally recognised for it's free tea course.